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Brokerage / Consultancy Service
Terms & Conditions

Kalpana Realty Services Pvt Ltd act as a bridge to bring together property buyers and property sellers in real estate transactions – all services are provided on a best effort basis only. We expressly deny any expertise with respect to advice, casual comments, or verbal representations or informed opinions on any matters beyond the scope of our services.

Our Services


Assistance will be provided from our side but it is recommended to Hire a Consultant or Vendor for specialized services i.e. Lawyer for Title Investigation, Architect for Building related approvals, Environmental Consultant for GPCB approvals, Fire Consultant for getting the Fire NoC and so on; Property Buyer will have to bear the cost for hiring any Consultant or Vendor.

Fulfillment of the Compliance & Approvals are in the Scope of the Relevant Consultant and not Us.

Registration Charges & Consultancy Fee (Brokerage)

We deny any liability for deficiency in services on account of any third-party negligence and /or willful default. Further Kalpana Realty Services Pvt Ltd excludes any liability with respect to:

  • Any title issues that may arise in properties that may be purchased by the property buyer relying on information and / or assistance provided by Us;

  • Future changes in the price of property so purchased;

  • Any loss in transit of title documents of such property;

  • Any loss of earnest money by reason of the arrangement between the property buyer and property seller not materializing;

  • Any discrepancies between details mentioned at the time of agreement and the end product;

  • Any failure on part of the property seller to obtain requisite approvals for the property;

  • Any additional cost incurred to property buyer in case of internal changes made by him/her in the said property;

  • Any cancellation charge levied by the property seller on the property buyer;

  • Any failure on part of the developer / builder to obtain requisite approvals for launch project;

  • Any failure on part of the developer / builder to obtain requisite approvals for the project;

  • Any failure on getting the (relevant) approval from (relevant) government department;


Property Buyer is advised to:

  • Get the due diligence of property by a qualified property lawyer / advisor / firm, if title, property, project verification or search report is required;

  • Get property inspection done by a qualified home inspector / structural engineer / contractor, if full report of structural and overall condition of the property and its systems is required;

  • Hire certified Consultant or Vendor for compliance related services like Environment Consultant for GPCB approval;

  • Setting up an Industry or Manufacturing Unit requires approvals & NOCs from various government department – it is recommended from our side to:

    • Get registered to Investor Facilitation Portal (

    •  Get the checklist of various approval required for your business

    • Hire relevant Consultant or Vendor for specific services

    • Get the inspection done (of the Land) by these Consultant or Vendor

    • After this only, proceed for the process of Land Procurement

  • Get the inspection done by these Consultant or Vendor so that NOC or approval is not denied.

  • Do proper thought-process before starting the process of property purchase, because cancelling the deal from property buyer side will have financial implications – especially, in case of under construction property, where-in property buyer has made internal changes in the property.

  • Property buying is a high valued decision – reversing the decision once made, may have adverse effect on both property buyer & property seller.

  • Sale Deed Registration is the final step of buying or selling of the property.

    • Property buyer is advised to take legal possession of the said property immediately at the time of sale deed registration.

    • Property seller is advised to collect 100% payment before giving the possession of said property to the Property buyer.

  • If Property buyer or Property seller has used any of our services, as mentioned earlier in “Our Services” Section 1 to 4, then they are accountable to pay us the Brokerage / Consultancy Fee, as mentioned in “Registration Charges & Consultancy Fee” Section 5 to 7.

  • Property buyer & property seller are informed that we will charge the Consultancy Fee, even if the deal is finalized in our absence (the finalized property is shown by Us to the property buyer. We maintain record of

    • All the properties registered by us

    • All the buyers registered with us

    • All the registered properties being shown by us to the registered buyers.

  • A negotiation meeting or deal meeting or property sale may happen in our absence, but Property Seller & Buyer give their consent to pay our Consultancy Fee if we present them the proof of registration or visit done by us.

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